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À la carte options are ONLY available for SmartMove Cloud Premium users. À la carte options include:

  • Extra subject and audiogram storage space
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¹If you have a SmartMove Cloud Free account and you upgrade to a SmartMove Cloud Premium account, your monthly payments will increase from $0 per month to $59.95 per month. If you have a SmartMove Cloud account and you are  upgrading to a SmartMove Cloud Premium account, your monthly payments will increase from $19.95 per month to $59.95 per month.

²SmartMove Cloud à la carte products are only available to SmartMove Cloud Premium customers. Monthly payments for à la carte subscriptions will be added on to the SmartMove Cloud Premium fee of $59.95 per month.

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STS Calculation and Analysis

STS calculation is a standard feature of SmartMove Cloud. And managing STSs doesn’t get much simpler. You can quickly identify, track, and report Standard Threshold Shifts (STSs) for each subject.

When you transfer data from your hearing test results to SmartMove Cloud, it automatically performs STS calculation for each audiogram. Then you can review the data in the database or create reports.

The SmartMove Cloud database can save you significant time, as you don’t need to calculate STS results manually from thermal paper printouts of audiograms.

The Subject Audiogram STS report shows the baseline for each ear, calculates STS with or without Age Correction for each ear, and displays a graph in color, making it easy for you to determine if an individual has an STS.


Are your hearing conservation records “trapped” on your audiometer or PC making it difficult or impossible for you to view them when you are not on-site?

SmartMove audiometric data can be viewed and analyzed through a personal log-in account anywhere you can connect to the Internet.

PDF Output

Test reports can be downloaded in PDF format, allowing you to conveniently store them on your PC. And opening the files for review later on is easy. The PDF output also allows you to view data from the SmartMove Cloud database on your PC for flexible on-site audiogram analysis.

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Reports include easy-to-read graphs which can print in color. Print the audiograms on standard 8.5 x 11 paper using your computer’s printer.

Instead of having your subjects’ audiograms fade away on strip-print or thermal paper, reports from SmartMove Cloud can be printed and reprinted any time.

The SmartMove Subject Audiogram report includes the information needed to allow you to analyze audiometer data. You can interpret their individual hearing test results and recommend the appropriate follow-up.

SmartMove Cloud’s printed reports help you meet OSHA, MSHA, DOT, or FAA hearing program requirements.

HIPAA Secure Data Storage

SmartMove helps reduce security issues connected with data storage on your audiometer or PC. If your hard drive or computer network is not adequately backed up, you can lose data that you are required by OSHA, MSHA, FAA, or DOT to maintain. In contrast, SmartMove is backed up regularly.

In addition, if your old audiometer or PC is sold or transferred to another user, private data might be accessed and used in unauthorized ways.

Storing printed audiograms in a file drawer exposes the data to the risk of fire, theft, or being accidentally discarded. Reduce these risks by storing all your hearing test data on SmartMove.

SmartMove is a secure, HIPAA compliant website that helps you keep the test results and personal information of individual subjects private and secure.

Data Transfer

SmartMove allows you to transfer data from supported audiometers (the Smart Diagnostic Devices SMART TONE and the Tremetrics RA500). SmartMove allows you to store and access data on a cloud server from anywhere.

You must be a registered SmartMove user (Account Administrator) to transfer data.


You can export data from your SmartMove database to your computer. Go to “Export Subject-Audiograms” in the File menu. The system will ask you where you want to save the data, and you can then save it wherever you like on a PC drive.